Technical support

If you have any questions about our instruments, please contact technical support at the following contacts:

8 (800) 222-75-26 (ext. 202)
+7 (929) 509-75-26 (ext. 202)
+7 (926) 811 34 53 (Telegram)

When sending the hardness tester for repair or periodic verification, please fill in the acceptance certificate in 2 copies, sign it and enclose it together with the complete hardness tester.

We will be able to receive the parcel from 9-00 to 18-00 Mon-Fri
Contact persons: Kirill Molodtsov, Natalia Shevchenko
Service address: Moscow, Zelenograd, 4922nd proezd, d. 4c4, Technopark "ELMA"

Work plan:

  1. You send the device with accompanying documents in a convenient way according to the instructions above.
  2. We make diagnostics (within 1 week).
  3. In case of non-warranty repair or verification we send you an invoice.
  4. We repair (in case of non-warranty repair or verification - after payment of the invoice) within 2 weeks. We verify within 1 week. In case of complicated repairs this period can be extended.
  5. We send the device with the original certificate, RDS (2 copies, one will have to be returned), invoice (1 copy) in case of non-warranty repair/verification or return certificate (2 copies, one will have to be returned).