-HRC, -, -HV
Miniature ultrasonic hardness testers

Hardness tester warranty - 2 years
Hardness tester -HRC (-, MET-HV)

Hardness testers of MET-MINI series (-HRC, -, -HV) operate according to UCI-method - ultrasonic contact impedance method ( ASTM A 1038 and DIN 50159).

The probe and the electronic module of the hardness tester are combined in one miniature body. Vickers diamond pyramid is used as an indenter. Hardness testers -HRC, -, -HV are intended for hardness measurements of metal articles on Rockwell C, Brinell and Vickers scales at the load of 14.7N (1,5 kgf) and 49N (5 kgf).


High-precision, reliable, simple and accessible hardness control of metal articles more than 1 mm thick, with no weight limitations. It will ideally suit you for product presorting.


There exist the following modifications of the device depending on the load:
Hardness scale -Mini modifications
14,7 N( 1.5 kgf) 49 N ( 5 kgf)
Rockwell MET-HRC MET-HRC50
Brinell MET-HB MET-HB50
Vickers MET-HV MET-HV50


  • Mini hardness testers promptly control the hardness of metals more than 1 mm thick.
  • Simple, compact and easy-to-use. The probe and the electronic module are located in one miniature body which fits into your hand.
  • High accuracy of measurements is ensured by the direct transfer of the hardness scale from the Russian primary standard machine to the hardness tester via reference hardness test blocks.
  • External software, which is included into the hardness tester set, enables the user to calibrate the hardness tester using two hardness test blocks.
  • The battery is charged via USB port.
  • Solid aluminum body, modern design and well-thought-out ergonomics.

Area of application:

  1. Product presorting.
  2. Hardness control of pipelines and thin-walled constructions.
  3. Metal working.
  4. Blacksmith and welding engineering.
  5. Car service and repair.
  6. Cold gun hardness control.
  7. Acceptance / issue control of metal products.

Operating principle:

-Mini hardness testers operate according to the ultrasonic contact impedance method (UCI-method). A Vickers diamond pyramid with a 136-degree angle between facets is used as an indenter. At the penetration of the pyramid into the tested article under the effect of a constant load there occurs a change in the indenter resonance frequency determined by the hardness of the sample.


The hardness tester is registered in the State register of measurement instruments of the Russian Federation ( 40419-09).

-HV50 mini hardness tester became a winner NDT-2012 exhibition!

Step-by-step demonstration of the hardness tester functioning:

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