Demonstration of ultrasonic hardness tester MET-U1A operation in TV programme "Galileo".

Reference hardness test blocks are shipped in branded cases.

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Hardness testers and reference hardness test blocks produced by "MET" Centre reproduce Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Shore hardness scales.

Portable hardness testers: ultrasonic MET-U1, MET-U1A, dynamic MET-D1, MET-D1A and combined MET-UD, MET-UDA, as well as miniature ultrasonic hardness testers MET-HRC, лер-HB, MET-HV, MET-HSD allow to perform true and reliable hardness control of articles made of metal.

Reference hardness and micro hardness test blocks are the only means of measurement that enables to calibrate the hardness tester and confirm the correctness of its measurements.

Verification and calibration of hardness testers and reference hardness test blocks of MET series is carried out by VNIIFTRI - National Metrological Institute of Russia.

You can always receive a consultation at our centre on hardness testing issues and visit our museum of hardness measurements.




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